The Greatest Question Ever…


Why are we here?

It’s the greatest question of all. The answer is different for everyone.

I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience learning all that we can here.  I think that we all have some deal with our Creator as to what we are going to do when we come to earth.  As in what will be bringing to the table of humanity with use of our talents and gifts.

We can sometimes lose our way in life, and that’s ok because our Creator gave us this thing called “Free Will”.  Some people don’t come back from their being lost, while others wake up again after an event and map a way back to their life’s path.  Some people call it “finding God”.  No matter how any of it goes, it’s all a learning experience and everyone’s learning experience looks different.  Some have to learn through broken-ness. Homelessness, drugs. Others have to learn through affairs, Ponzi schemes, and hoarding leer jets.  It doesn’t matter what the lessons from each of our spiritual journeys look like from the outside. I can guarantee that they all come back to self;

Do you love yourself enough to love others

Do you help yourself so that you have the ability to help others

Do you educate yourself so that you can educate others

This one time, at Church, I was judged by a Christian for my spiritual journey. When this person heard Divorced-Bible-Reading-Hymn-Singing-Buddhist-Former-Catholic-Aspiring-Hay-House-Author-Who-Burns-Sage-Pulls-Oracle-Cards-And-Charges-Crystals-In-The-Full-Moon...her head nearly popped off.  What she didn’t let me explain is that I’ve already had my “humbling” experience that she seemed to want me to have in front of her so that she could minister to me.  In fact, I’ve had several.  If I was going to be a judgmental person, I would say that it was she who actually was due for a piece of humble pie, and could maybe use a chakra alignment from me!

My spiritual journey is no where near traditional, but it’s my own personal journey. It doesn’t matter how anyone gets “there”, it’s just important that they do.  That “Christian” should have been interested in how I got “here” because it’s kind of fascinating and definitely funny.  Because I don’t look or act like you (too much plastic surgery for my liking) we can’t sit down and learn from one another?

In this day in age, no one wants to be preached to or have religion shoved down their throat. Religion as subject has become volatile, actually down right hostile.  I’m going to kill you because my God told me so? What kind of God are you praying to?!  Organized religion starts wars and breeds hatred.  I don’t believe in religion, I just believe in God.  You can call him anything you want to in front of me. In fact, you can pray anyway that you want to in front of me.  In addition, you can tell me that you don’t believe in him in front of me and  you know what?


Because Free Will.

It can be hard to have Faith.  But that’s the irony of faith.  If you constantly had it, you wouldn’t need it.  Sort of like patience.  That’s why they go together.

The Buddhists believe that attachment is the cause of suffering. I would say that’s accurate.  We all know what it’s like to be attached to an outcome, attached to a person, a car or the desire for something.  The same can be said for organized religion.  When we’re attached to something to the point that we can’t see to allow anyone else to the ability to exercise the Free Will that they’ve been given…we’ll all suffer.

However, I have Faith. I have faith in people, in common sense, and I most definitely have faith in love.



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