The Positive Perspective Works

I want everyone to know that during the darkest times in life, though uncomfortable, you do have the opportunity to develop your character.  Use the painful/dark/uncertain times to finally succumb to the realization that there is always something more that we can be doing.  Wether it is something to help, something to heal, or doing more to evolve ourselves.  Then, all of a sudden – things change.

Change is beautiful. I will not diminish the pain and uncertainty that came with my transformation, but looking back on it, it was necessary.  While the self is where changing the world starts, the true “evolution of consciousness” goes beyond yourself. It is about encompassing life, environment, and humanity as a whole.  It’s about realizing that your energy has an impact on the world every minute of every day.  Once you realize just how much power you actually have, you’ll do anything to learn how to lessen your negative impact and truly love.  Speaking of love, if you just don’t know where to start in opening your heart, volunteer somewhere. Not only do you get perspective, studies show that helping someone boosts feel good chemicals in the brain…which beats depression.

In closing, I’d like to share that I’ve been taking a hard look around me lately, and while I am not naive and obviously we live in a volatile world, I no longer see it. Lately I’ve been seeing nothing but good things. I can honestly say that I see more love than hate. I see more communities working together and less adversity. People no longer want to turn on the news and see sensationalized death, destruction, or fear. They want to hear about change for the better. We’re put here on this earth to love and be loved. It’s not about the money anymore – it’s about human connection and moving into a time and era where bigotry, hatred, embezzlement, greed, sloth, and corruption are no longer going to be tolerated.

It will get better. It’s going to take each and everyone of us changing ourselves first. We’re going to have to look differently at the impact of our actions on one another, on the planet, on our fellow creatures. Then we’re going to have to stand as one solid unit in love and peace. It can be done – the human mind did build the pyramids and walk on the moon after all. In the meantime, I vow to do my part. I promise to do what I can with my little blog and I’ll count on you to take my words beyond. Find other blogs like mine, read, contemplate, share. Then pass it all on to another, like the telephone game we played in elementary school, except this time the message is more important