Your Life is Your Choice

When I was at my darkest moments battling my way out of a divorce, I began a little research project on happiness.  I read everything I could get my hands on and watched every video I could on how to get happy and manifest the life that I wanted.  I dug deep, real deep and saw why I was failing to attract emotionally healthy people into my life to have positive friendships with.  Reading about happiness, energy, and positive manifestation showed me why I was plain frustrated with my circumstances.

I knew that everything that you put out into the universe came back to you and I was falling victim to the “boomerangs of bullshit” that I was putting out there.  All of my nastiness and my vengeful ways were coming back to bite me.  I needed change and quick, henceforth the “ME” project.  I was going to change my insides and I spent months doing it, and I continue to.  I invested in me to make a healthier tomorrow for not just me, but all of humanity.  As soon as I started spreading love and smiles I got them back and that drove me to do more.

Alas, there will be “dark days” no matter how much you know and practice positivity.  I am not saying that I don’t have my down times and that leading a positive life is easy, but thanks to a little book called The Art of Self-Care, I made a list of things to bounce me back in anticipation of what is sure to come.  Now when I feel the heaviness of frustration or impatience, or anger, sadness…I think about where they are coming from. What is the trigger? After I’ve sorted it out, I pull from my list of “in case shit” list to change my attitude:  read an uplifting article, watch a funny video, lock myself in a room and cry, go ride my horse, purge a closet, dust/vacuum my apartment, take a nap. I do these things for me first, but ultimately you get the benefit too.  The better I am, the better member of society I am.

Just in case you need some inspiration too…