Permanent Decisions During a Temporary Storm

Never make a permanent decision during a temporary storm – Unknown

What a handy tid bit of information right there.  I recently heard the above quote and couldn’t help but think of all I could have been saved from had I heard it sooner.  Alas, I have no regrets.

Life changes fast – and without warning.  Sometimes it is all that we can do to just keep up.  I may be the last person to do it…but I’m working very hard on just embracing change.  Loving it even.  Change terrifies me, I am told that it always has, but being stagnant terrifies me more.  There is no growth in being the same, living the same, thinking the same.  Change will ultimately always be for the better, because growth is the by product.

The trick is to recognize when the storm is temporary and you should just stay still, and when immediate change is the only thing that is going to get you through the storm.

This part is no doubt tricky and it takes phenomenal personal work, major soul searching, and daily prayer.  Right now, I am sitting in the middle of change myself, and trying to figure it all out.  In fact, I’ve been in a period of continual change for atleast the past four months.  Rocky and arduous would discribe it best, but that is just my perception of it.  Within those months, I was gifted a good dose of where I was lacking personal responsibility.  I learned it, lived it, got it, and moved on.  Or so I thought anyway.

For up until the past week or so, for the first time in about 6 months, I was at peace.  I had found my stride again.  I have gotten back into the gym, and am keeping my diet clean.  I got back into nature and meditation.  God and I were “getting along”, phenomenal opportunites were rapidly coming at me.  I began working with a legal non-profit and was helping change the world…or atleast someone’s world and then BAM! Here comes change again.  This time it smacked me across the face.  My immediate reaction was;

“you. have. got. to. be. kidding. me.” 

But this time around, I switching my perception about it.  I’ll keep doing all of the above, but something else I’m going add to my list of “self-care” is to act like a fish.  Fish never try to control the ocean, they just swim with the current.  This is my plan, this is what I’m going to do, I am going to swim with the current.  Because I can…I can do it.  Also, I’ve never tried it before so why not give it a whirl?

Through out my adult years, I’ve survived and THRIVED in the absolute pits of life, most of which were self-created.  This time, there is no way I am not taking this change my the horns, stare it in the face.  I am intelligent, compassionate, and a forward thinker with a deep innate sense of what is fair and what is right.  If this is one of my “tests”, I’m going to ace it.

What I have learned in the past four months are some tricks of the trade that I’d like to share.  When we perceive change as a whirlwind/vortex that is now challenging our status quo, we must calm down.  Ground yourself.  You have to find the sweet spot, “the eye of the storm” and center yourself in it.  Envelope yourself in the quiet pocket among the perceived chaos and start paying attention.  What are you learning? What can you take away from it all?  Don’t worry about anyone else’s perception you can’t change that…what’s your perception?  Gather the information, write it down if you have to.  Nurture yourself and others and then one day you wake up and it’s calm again.  However, never forget the lessons or they are bound to repeat.  Trust me.  I have said “I can’t believe I am here again” more than once this year.

Sometimes change is forced upon us, sometimes we facilitate it, other times it comes out of no where – but in the end, it always means something.  Staying true to yourself, your values, your faith – both in God and in your understanding of who you are is all that you have to do.  Acting like a fish will then come, and with that will come peace.  Peace of mind, peace in your heart, peace for all.  No more anxiety over how we can manipulate the outcome, no worries over the why’s, the how’s, the why me’s and if only’s.  I’ll go through a little change to get that in exchange.


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