What to do when everyone but you has a problem with you…

When you are on a quest to evolve your consciousness and enlighten your soul here in the real world, you go through periods of personal transformation and you just piss people off.  It is inevitable, and it can happen for more than a decade.  From personal experience it seems to stem from the emergence of certain (often oppressed) gunk from the past that appears as you peel back the layers in attempt to expose the authentic self.  Just like an onion, the more you peel, the more there is to peel it seems.  Obviously this process is delicate and attempting to “shed” who you no longer are, takes some time and is quite the process. More over, the act of peeling in and of it’s self takes great courage in the first place and sometimes what we find under each layer is just plain raw.  The last thing that we need while exposing the past hurts to be healed or while challenging our own beliefs is someone all up in our grill pointing shit out. But that is what happens none the less.

I have found that the continuous process of self-examination brings with it the full rage of emotions to be expressed in all forms, and in a variety of different ways.  In short, it can make you look manic to those that don’t have a certain awareness, or to those that don’t see you often. When you are working through a pile of “garbage” that you are trying to expel from your soul to make room for the shiny Divine stuff that you are actually meant for, you can go through bouts of depression, exhaustion, sadness, but also joy and elation. Sometimes in the same day.  Fun.  Surely some people will think that you have cracked. Therein lies what can be the issue. People don’t often understand what is actually going on. They may not understand that your current way of being is temporary, and your emotions are the physical manifestation of what you are working to unload. Yet, even when you yourself are in complete acceptance of what is occurring in your life, even when you are more than pleased with your progress despite any and all challenges that you are RISING with fortitude to meet…there are those that are tugging at you to come back “down” by blasting your personality.  Even if they are not doing it consciously, the fact that they point out what they perceive as you foibles without taking heed to their own, is a huge lesson in patience and empathy.

It isn’t fun when people call you crazy, especially when it’s by those that actually should work with a licensed professional. It stings to be called angry by those that really could benefit from an anger management program. It doesn’t feel warm and fuzzy to be called ungrateful by those that complain everyday about their things that others only wish for.  It can feel like a kick in the teeth to be called aggressive by those that allow injustice. I know all too well how other people’s personal attacks can make one feel like recoiling. Sometimes my immediate reaction to these people is to think “have you looked in the mirror at all?!” But then that is judgement. Two judgements do not make a right and the cycle has to break somewhere. Who better than with the person on a quest for continual self improvement? Who better than the person with a tremendous amount of knowledge about what the quest of the bliss seeker demands? Who better to allow these opportunities to then become practice for patience, compassion, and standing firm in self belief rather than to fall victim?

I was pondering the above when I checked my email and got my daily subscription of Positively Positive. In one of my editions, an author by the name of Cloris Kylie Stock wrote this:

Usually, when others attack you, they are subconsciously seeking to bring up negative emotions in you. Their pain needs to feed on your pain to continue existing. If you decide to not give in to the negative emotions, they’ll have less incentive to attack. Light nullifies darkness. Bring the light of your love and kindness to everyone around you, and watch the “bad” people in your life retreat or even change their actions.

Proof positive that you get what you need when you need it if you keep your eyes and heart open. While we wait for what we need though, I like to keep this piece of advice given to me by a truly talented Mystic and one of my most trusted advisors: “You can tell that you are on the right path in life when you know in your heart what you want, and as you move towards it others are constantly trying to keep you from it.” In a nutshell, when people start blasting you with negativity, use it as practice to stand firm and continue to be yourself and keep it moving.  In the end, the only person’s opinion you should be concerned with is your own. Because if you wake up every morning with the only goal of outdoing the goodness that you did the day before, then in my humble opinion you’re further along in this game called life than most. Be an example.


blogger, conscious evolutionist, mom, equestrian, & vintage china hoarder. Did you subscribe to LYPL yet?
blogger, conscious evolutionist, mom, equestrian, & vintage china hoarder. Did you subscribe to LYPL yet?

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2 thoughts on “What to do when everyone but you has a problem with you…

  1. As humans, we tend to “force the end result” without truly doing the work, due to pain of the unknown or inevitable. Last thing I do at bedtime (besides pray) is look in the mirror at ME; in the a.m., I repeat that same ritual, because I am the one who sees me all of the time and knows who I truly am. I love your blog, Jenna!

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