Preparing for your distant & not so distant future

We are coming down to the end of another year, and right about now I begin to think a little bit about what I want for my life in the next year coming up. While there are many ways and rituals that I have put into place over the past decade that work in assisting me in making these decisions, I now begin with how I want to feel. Last year I wanted to feel sexy, Divine, and genius. And I did, some of the time. Those feelings are what I used to measure how I conducted myself, or wether or not I went to a certain place, was around certain people, or took certain opportunities. If any of the above did not align with what Danielle LaPorte calls, Core Desired Feelings, I more than likely didn’t do it. As a result, 2014 – despite any challenges – was one of the best years of my life, with major dreams coming true.

Danielle goes on to explain that we don’t actually chase goals, we chase the feelings that surround those goals, and that being mindful of how we want to feel in our day to day, is a holistic approach to life planning. Since I have adopted this and now it’s a personal truth, I haven’t been able to go back to any other way. I like my core feelings of feeling Sexy, the feeling of being connected to the Divine, and feeling genius through my creativity. I focused on the feeling first, and the goals naturally came about. Genius. I am loving it so much that I think I will keep those feelings and translate them over to 2015 with the addition of one more feeling; the feeling of accomplishment. There is a business that needs nurturing. A law career that wants to move to a higher level. Equestrian pursuits that are begging for my sharpened skill set. Having these concrete non-negotiable feelings in my mind helps me to better focus on bringing the physical goals about in a way that is connected to those feelings.  The planning part, for all of my Type A’s, comes in the realization that since my goals are elevated, that means I must elevate myself in mind, body, and spirit to bring them about, and to make them sustainable. To do this, I will build upon what I learned last year; if it doesn’t empower me, bring about my core desired feelings or feelings related to those core feelings, and therefore my goals, and anything related to those goals, then it’s a firm no without any concern to how others may view my personal decision. Honoring yourself is the only way one can follow a natural and positive trajectory forward, which not only benefits you, it benefits your entire family and anyone that comes into contact with you.

While thinking of the foreseeable future, I always think that it is best to add thought to the distant future. For instance, I know that one day I am going to do a TEDTalk. What can I do today to not only help prepare myself for this magnificent adventure, but in preparing, also help bring it about? Knowing that I would be talking in front of thousands of people live, and that it would be recorded and played forever all over the internet, and knowing that TEDTalks are often viewed millions of times, I will begin with practice. Practice by speaking more in public. Practice speaking into the mirror. Think more intelligently about my topic and speaking from the heart in no more than 18 minutes. Also in my future, is a large company; A Bomb Provisions. If I am going to be the face of a company, then I should take care of that face. Be mindful of what skin care products I am using. Keeping my hair trimmed and in an appropriate cut for my face. Since A Bomb is a t-shirt company and we are bringing about a more creative and comfortable wardrobe in the work place, I should be mindful of my diet and go back to the gym so that when I am photographed I can represent myself and the clothing well.

Can you start to see the chain reaction? Thought of what feelings you want to generate = action forward. Action = results. The thought that leads to the action and the results that stem from said action, are all within our control. Wanting to present myself, and therefore my life, to it’s highest potential leads me to the gym and taking better care of myself. Taking better care of myself gives me the confidence and vitality to take care of others around me in a much more meaningful way. One healthy person is more productive than 1,000 unhealthy people. This is why humanity so desperately needs healthy people. Wether you begin with healing your emotional and mental health and that leads you to healing your physical health, or vice versa is nearly irrelevant. Health is health and it’s the taking action to get there that counts. It begets a chain reaction. More and more of what you want and need begins to come to you almost effortlessly. I didn’t make this up, it’s physics. For every action there is an equal reaction.  Or simply put “Whatever a man sows, shall he also reap.” You do good, you get good.

So how do you accomplish your future goals really? By living in the moment. I know that it sounds strange and even difficult, but it is the only way to truly live. I have personally found out that if you are constantly thinking about the future, not only do you miss what is in front of you, you can become living in the state of anxiety instead of the excitement you are entitled to while dream chasing.  You become way to fixated on making your dreams a reality in the exact manner that you have pictured in your mind. The thought that it may not happen exactly that way can bring about nervousness and a sense of defeat before you even get started! The Buddhists believe that attachment causes suffering, I know this to be true. For every time that I set my heart on an intention and fretted about how the outcome was going to be and impatiently waited for same, I suffered.  Alternatively, when I focused on life in the here and now and made steady progress towards my intention by only focusing on my journey and not the end result, not only did I get there, I got a chance to see the Universe help me. The serendipity was absolutely amazing. Allowing things to unfold naturally without our manipulation is actually freeing. Divine.  I will say that it took me changing my mind about that to see it this way, and having my core divine feelings handy was the instrument that helped me to do so. Each of us will find what works for us.

Below are four questions that helped me to get started, and maybe they can help you as well. I asked myself these questions every day until I knew the answers to them. Take your time – just starting is enough. Show the Universe that you are serious, and in return it will send you signs to keep going, as well as any support you need.  How sexy is that?

1. How do I want to feel in 2015?

2. What do I have to let go of that is no longer serving me in order to make room for these feelings?

3. What physical accomplishments would I like to bring about that align with these feelings that I desire?

4. What steps can I take right now to bring me closer to my desired feelings/goals?

Conscious evolutionist blogger, and activist.  I take the reality and show you the positive.
Conscious evolutionist blogger, and activist. I take the reality and show you the positive.

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