Anarchy N♥W!

Once upon a time, someone told my mother that I was an anarchist. It wasn’t meant as a compliment, however I will gladly accept that title.  The definition broken down to it’s absolute basic meaning means change.  Anarchists want change, I get that.  However it’s how they go about getting change that is wrong. Yes, WRONG.

Typically, the thought of an anarchist conjures up the thought of dangerous weapons in the hands of those hell bent on getting people to conform to a set agenda by bullying, scare tactics, trickery, conformity, and violence. These fuckers don’t scare me though. The old school definition of anarchists who believe in “bug out bags” and underground bunkers in the desert don’t even believe their own hype. They’re just scared of the unknown. They currently lack the genius to help bring about altruistic change because they believe that they are separate from everyone and that everyone, accept whom they selectively chose, is separate from them.  In a timely turn of events, while reading Brendon Burchard’s The Motivation Manifesto, I stumbled upon this accurate definition of old school anarchists.  Although he wasn’t speaking of anarchists per se, but if the shoe fits…

“Those compelled by fear become terrified..and often hateful of other people. Their fear gives rise to an overweening self-protection to such a degree that they want power over others. Their ego is so fiercely challenged by the rise of people unlike themselves that they become the bigots and tyrants and sometimes grand-scale murderers.”

These kinds of people don’t yet understand that we all have the responsibility to ensure that change is beneficial to everyone.  These kind of anarchists can quote scripture but miss the ones that talk about us all being connected as one. They have been taught to fear anything unknown, which means that they even fear themselves. No human that truly knows thy self, or God, would ever be so fearful of anything.  Nor would any human that believes so much in God seek to hurt one of His children…in His name.  What these kinds of anarchists don’t yet understand is that building a life on fear is unsustainable because fear is just a feeling. It’s a lack of faith.  Eventually, it comes to pass and all that was built upon it will crumble.  No desert bunker will help you.

Once you truly understand the study of psychology and human emotion, you will inevitably understand that those that bully, no matter if it’s for the lunch money, or the vote, are insecure. They don’t like themselves and therefore attempt to force the acceptance of others through intimidation. They do this simply because they lack the emotional intelligence and courage to be genuine, and therefore gather the respect of others and rely solely on others fearing them. People who resort to violence to push their own agenda, lack skills to effectively communicate feelings, and often are the product of home lives and upbringing that may have even robbed them of their ability to be empathetic. Once you understand all of this, you can see these people for who they really are – hurt people that just don’t know any other way to be.  Just because they believe what they believe, doesn’t mean that we can’t be different, and in fact we must.  For it’s up to us to show them that there is a different way.

When I speak of anarchy, I speak of evolution, not revolution.  I am an anarchist in the way that Lennon was an anarchist. Or in the way that MLK was an anarchist.  Anarchy causes “disorder”, but if the current order of society is violent and oppressive, wouldn’t the direct opposite of love and compassion cause disorder? Would that be wrong?  When I claim to be proud to be an anarchist, I speak of breaking up the conformity that is no longer working of us. We’re broke, miserable, and our families are divided let alone our communities.  It is this that allows fear mongers to do their work on us.  In moments of vulnerability, it’s easier to fall into the “me oh my’s” trap, and especially so if you have a miserable counterpart feeding in to it.  Misery loving company is a very real thing, and prolonged sadness and anger attracts more sadness and anger.  Then what you have is a group of continuously sad and angry people that rely on fearing other people to stick together.  While in that miserable huddle, they nurture their egos by blaming others.  This is how hate groups prosper people.  They think they know God, but they don’t.  Simply because they don’t know love.  To know God is to know love and you don’t know love if you hate anyone.  These people don’t need our prosecution, they need our compassion as well as strict boundaries.  Don’t feed into the fear that they thrive on.  They can’t party if others refuse to show up.

If you look enough, you will see change – positive change – of people coming together.  If you are reading this, perhaps you are one of them.  The truth of the matter is that we need more positivism, and we need it now.  Anarchy means change plain and simple. The anarchy of our past does not have a place in side of a society that has evolved to the intelligence that we have. Anarchy means realizing that we are in charge of our own lives, and to realize that to change how we are living, we are the only ones that can take that action.  Anarchy means learning how to exist peacefully with that nutty co-worker, in law, enemy, or country. Anarchy is the cessation of forcing your way on to others because you forgot that God gave people Free Will and their own journey to travel.  And last time I checked, we’re not God.  Anarchy is accepting that biologically we are all exactly the same, yet we are all intellectually different – and it’s supposed to be that way. We can learn from one another, and bring about change in a nanosecond.  True anarchy has nothing to do with government, it’s the realization that have the intelligence to govern ourselves, but often push off the responsibility to entities.  And then blame the entities for all that ails us.

I believe in the non-violent kind of anarchy, because the violent kind clearly doesn’t work. Change is inevitable inside of any day, week, month, life, or society, and change is coming no matter what. It’s how we greet and incorporate that change. Does fighting to the death to bring about peace really make sense anymore? I just saw a video of a wrist band that projects your smartphone on to your skin. It. Projects. Your. Smartphone. On. Your. Forearm. We can attain this kind of technological advancements, but we still call one another names on social media? We can reach anyone in the world via Skype on our computers while our ancestors sent carrier pigeons and smoke signals and we don’t have anything meaningful to say? Does putting out nasty into the world really help? Do we think that whoever has the nastiest, meanest, most demeaning comeback wins?  If yes, then what do you win? A reputation for being elegant? Articulate? For being a gentlemen?

Repeating actions with the intent to bring about a different result is the definition that Einstein put on insanity. Nasty doesn’t work.  Violence, doesn’t work.  Not taking the initiative to care about how we present to the world, doesn’t work. Demanding that others change for the better while we remain stagnant doesn’t work.  What does work is moving in the opposite direction of what you oppose.  When I read a story about a neglected child, I take it as my duty to go above and beyond in caring for my son.  When I read of kids losing their way and committing a crime, I re-affirm my promise to raise a healthy and contributing member of society.  When I read about a nasty divorce in the headlines, it is my Que to love and communicate with my husband more.  When I hear someone bad mouthing their in laws, I can send a “Thinking of You” card to mine.  When I see that YouTube video of a street fight going viral, it is my job to smile more and befriend strangers. When the person in front of me cuts off another car, it is my job to drive more consciously of the fact that I share the road with others.  For every action there is a re-action, and we can make it positive. We may not be able to change what we read about or see, but we can take opportunities within our day to day to do the opposite of nasty.  It is overwhelming at times to hear about what it is that we hear about, and our first thought may be that we are only one person and what can we really do.  In short, a lot.  We are never powerless to bring about change.  Just because we aren’t single handily changing the entire world that second, doesn’t mean that one single action didn’t just do something wonderful.  We are powerful beings, otherwise God wouldn’t have saw fit to put us here.  Never underestimate your good and your ability to be an agent of positive change.  Never underestimate the power that one has in vulnerability. Or love.  And above all else, never underestimate the power of the human spirit.  Anarchy N♥W.

Conscience Evolutionist Blogger doing my part to assist the collective awakening.   You can do it too.
Conscience Evolutionist Blogger doing my part to assist the collective awakening.
You can do it too.

As always, come read my public diary where I practice what I preach and show you real unicorns.  Sort of.


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