What if I told you the truth…

What if I told you that the new world order of measuring success was going to be from the inside out, instead of the current societal conditioned ideals of success. This means that no one is going to be interested in your car, only your character. No one is going to give a rats ass about your level of achievement, and only care if you are a genuine person. There are some people out there that this isn’t going to sit well with. For too long they’ve been chasing the dragon of consumerism, using everything shiny to substantiate who they are, failing to see the insecurity of it all. I know this, because I was one of them once before. I built too hard and too fast a life that had nice things and successes, but I wasn’t happy. Nothing that I had attained had I actually wanted, and I didn’t know that because I had lost my sense of self. Also, I didn’t take my time, and anything obtained too fast, can be taken the same way.

What if I told you that the more you try to cover insecurity, the more aware of it people will be. Blinders are coming off, and people can see what really is. The more times that you say I in a given sentence, the more a blinking sign starts to flash over your head that you have no idea what you are talking about. There is absolutely no substitute for knowing yourself, deeply and truly. Using things, people, or substances of any kind to fill that void is only going to get you more of the same undesirable results and consequences. The most accomplished people that I have ever known, and I’m talking the kind of slow self built success that gets wings at Harvard Medical School named after you, have never spoken of themselves in any other way than to share an experience that just might help you out. They didn’t tally off to me every award or person that they have ever known of influence upon meeting me. Yet, for one of the examples I am thinking of, I sat behind Arlen Specter at his memorial service. How do I know any of this? I’ll give you one guess…

What if I told you the arguing and the bickering among one another, families, religions, countries, are just symbolism of avoidance and more insecurity. We remain angry and untrusting of one another because it’s a cycle that has yet to be fully broken. An endless loop of dead energy that is prohibitive of supporting real change for better for very long, that is until more people make the commitment to break the cycle. One person helping the world change for the better is as powerful as 1,000 people not attempting to change anything. That means that 1,000 people with an altruistic intent are as powerful 1 Million people opening their hearts and minds. Of course it works the other way too. But we have already seen where that gets us…absolutely no where.

By now one must have seen a theme come into play here. Wether you call it insecurity, self-worth, self-esteem, what if I told you that it all circles back to self. Name one time that a conflict that you encountered personally wasn’t in some way linked to a choice you made, something you said, or did. Barring that you are an all out random victim of a stranger, name one time that you did not indirectly or directly have a hand in any outcome. It really does take some thinking to re-trace thoughts, actions, words, but when you are committed to really understanding your hand in things that are occurring in your life, you will eventually see it. Sometimes you won’t like it and it is painful, but that’s part of the experience that we are here to learn from.

It can be a tad difficult to begin to understand that our lives are a reflection of our own creating. The old verbiage of “you don’t understand, I’ve got blah blah blah to deal with” and “this that and the other happened and it isn’t my fault” are ego battle cries to avoid guilt, shame, and unhappiness. Not to mention the dis-comfort of change. The I-would-rather-stay-miserable-then-change mentality is about to be challenged by the great majority. It’s too exhausting to be around, and it is definitely trite. I apologize if I am the only person to have ever spoken to you this way, but someone needs to tell you to get over yourself. We all have challenges, that will never change. But there is no feeling on earth that all of us haven’t felt at one point in our lives, or will in our future. Just because they are all wrapped up in different circumstances and experiences, it doesn’t mean that we all haven’t “been there” at one point or another. You are not special enough to invent a feeling or emotion that us other human beings don’t know about.

Does the truth make the truth teller unpopular? Sure. But the that’s the thing, the truth teller no longer cares about that. Truth tellers have had plenty of life experiences where they did not tell the truth to show them what those results look like, and to help them realize that they don’t like that experience. They realize that it is way more painful to deny who you are than to be unpopular. The truth teller knows that standing in the truth and remaining who you truly are means that sometimes you will feel wobbly while you speak. They also understand that they may be the only one speaking – and that shit is always scary no matter how seasoned you are at telling the truth. The truth teller has learned that vulnerability doesn’t make one weak, it makes one open for glorious possibilities to grow. They then leverage those growth lessons to catapult them to their next level of personal evolution, all the while attempting to bring people with them and truly judging no one. The truth teller knows that we all have our own journey, but they try to spread the word that there are other ways of existence that do not require one to struggle. Then again, having the understanding that the truth teller does, means that they know sometimes some people have to hit that point of exhaustion to change. Want to know how I know this? This is why it is pointless to judge one another. You lack the super ability that God has to truly understand what is happening, changing, or evolving inside of that person. Maybe that’s why we judge people so badly…we are made in his image, but maybe we have become so narcissistic to believe that we are God. Didn’t that happen in Greek Mythology? Shit, didn’t that happen to the Romans? Are we so fucking stupid not to see the pattern of our behavior. That wasn’t a question. It was a statement.

Is it easy to empower yourself? Maybe for some. But for the greater majority of us, there has been great pressure along the way. Definitely pain. Maybe so much pain that you don’t know what to do when joy shows up at your door. That doesn’t mean that it has to go on that way forever though. That pressure is the same pressure that lumps of coal sit through to become a diamond. And we are all diamonds. Which means that we start out as lumps of coal. Sitting there in the darkness waiting for things to get better while not taking any action. The one advantage that the lump of coal has over us is an inner understanding. I believe that the lump of coal deep down knows that if it just stays still and believes that inner voice that they are definitely going to be a shiny diamond one day soon so it doesn’t put up a fight. Neither does the tiny acorn as it allows it’s shell to completely break wide open while covered under mud and dirt to become a mighty oak. Both evolve into these beautiful things by allowing the pressure, the vulnerability, and the uncertainly while having faith that they are meant to be something magnificent. If a lump of coal and a tiny acorn know this, then why shouldn’t we. Again…not a question.

The truth is, we are all truth tellers – we just have to get out of our own way. To put it bluntly, we cockblock ourselves. We withhold the good thinking that we are undeserving, when in fact feeling joy is how you obtain everything that you desire in life – which we all deserve through sheer birthright. We are conditioned to believe that we will feel good once we do this, attain that, and have this person. When The Secret is, that you need to feel good in order to attract those things to you. Some people call it “being in the vortex” or “being in alignment with your true purpose”, these are things that you cannot do successfully if you don’t even know what it is that you want because you don’t know yourself well enough to know what you are good at. 10 points if you guess how it is that I know this to be true.

What if I told you that you have all that you need within you to change, grow, prosper, achieve, live in joy, be prosperous, and have lifetime relationships that are nurturing and uplifting? All you need to do is look within. It isn’t bullshit, and it isn’t woo woo. God is there. If you really read the Bible with your own mind and not how a man made institution told you to, you can find the proof a thousand different times written a thousand different ways. Go ahead, ask me how I know…

Conscience Evolutionist Blogger & activist Doing my part to assist the collective awakening.
Conscience Evolutionist Blogger & activist
Doing my part to assist the collective awakening.

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