What is a “Spiritual Attack”?

Let’s say that you are riding high on life. Everything within your personal day to day is to your liking, although you are attempting to achieve more by growing as a person and professional. In other words, you greatly enjoy your life as it is, while knowing full well that there is more for you to grow into, and you have now acquired the patience necessary to do the growing at your own pace. Tough stuff still happens to you, some of it of your own making even, however you recognize it as learning opportunities that will grow and change you, and you learn your lesson.  You have come to expect the unexpected, and when it arrives you go deep within your personal resources to meet the challenge head on and then rise above it. Alternatively, you have come to expect joy and strive to live in a state of gratitude and compassion for others.  In living this way, you have come to believe that this is in fact the way life is meant to be lived, for any other way is complete victim mentality madness. So why then when you have most of your personal “stuff” sorted out, and you have other “stuff” under examination and nothing is really wrong do you have periods of feeling like complete shit? Odds are you have been spiritually attacked.

According to Charisma Magazine, there are 8 ways that you can tell that you are being spiritually attacked. All 8 symptoms look a lot like depression to me. Not the, I-need-to-check-myself-into-the-hospital type of depression, because I know what that looks like, this is more of the something-isn’t-right-here.  It is a deep feeling of being unsettled, even when you look around inside of your day to day and can’t find anything that wrong to warrant such a lethargic response. This has happened to me too. I have learned that when I feel the latter, I need to look around and see who I have been keeping company with.

Have you ever been so freaking excited about something that you ran to tell someone about it whom you thought would be just as excited for you, only to be met with a half ass “that’s nice”? That is a spiritual attack. Have you ever been enjoying yourself out with your friends looking good and feeling fine, and you look out of the corner of your eye while laughing at the hot guy’s joke to find a member of your group glaring at you in hatred? That is a spiritual attack. Have you ever invited family over to your new house and when they walk in and look around they actually get deflated because they weren’t expecting it to be so nice, or didn’t want it to be that nice? That is a spiritual attack. Have you ever told someone that you just won a Million dollars and they immediately tell you that “more money equals more problems”? That is a spiritual attack. Have you ever told your single girlfriend who is struggling in the boyfriend arena that you are completely in love only for her to start talking you out of it? That is a spiritual attack. Have you ever broken up with someone and your life launched into incredible territories like a 200 pound weight had been lifted off your shoulders? You go years with incredible returns on your energy investment only to run into them again and their life is in the same holding pattern of destruction, and when you walk away from the conversation you feel gut punched even though nothing is wrong with you? You were spiritually attacked. Have you ever had a friend that just can’t get out of their own way and complain about it all the time and you start to feel badly about how great things have been for you lately with all of your hard work paying off so you feel the need to down play it? That’s a spiritual attack. Have you ever left church feeling fine and divine only to have a rude stranger kill your great vibe? That’s a spiritual attack. These are only outward examples of course, there are many other ways that you can fall victim to a life force succubus or “spiritual vampire” as some like to nickname them.

Misery loves company and that is a fact. There will always be those that just don’t want you happy. Maybe they don’t like you, or maybe they don’t have the confidence to change for themselves and instead of emulating you, tapping you for information, looking into the resources that you used to change yourself for the better, or just giving it the old college try, they would rather you stay down in the dumps with them. People who “bring the light”, the healers, the dreamers, the doer’s, will always be faced with these challenging people. All humans are connected as one, whether we like it or not, and that means we all touch one another in a ripple effect. Allowing someone who isn’t happy in their own life – whether or not they even know it – alter the course of our life so that we feel physical and mental fatigue, or having us running for that cigarette that we long ago gave up, or worse – have us questioning our life course that we were so confident in before they were around us, is no longer acceptable. The time has come to cut the energetic ties that bind us to those that just don’t want better for themselves. It is their choice not to move forward. However, compassion and love must always remain while doing so. It is the only way to truly dissolve those ties.

To some extent, we are all guilty of spiritually attacking one another at some point, you can’t be human and not have done it. However, once you have become aware of how powerful your energy, thoughts, and words are, you will find that when you feel jealous or less than happy for someone, you will immediately go in and do the inner work to find out why.  There is always a reason why.  Any action less than that is irresponsible and is like walking around in a crowd with a loaded gun without the safety on. I’ve learned this the hard way too.

I know first hand how uncomfortable it is to be around a people that don’t really understand you or what you are trying to do in life. Those that fear you because you are doing something different, and those that hate you for no reason other than they hate themselves. I also know first hand what it feels like to be so excited and not be able to share it for fear of someone stealing your joy. I also know what it feels like to have that joy stolen. What I have done to change all of this is learn to discern who I can go to and about what. I have learned how to explain things in simple terms so my words can’t get twisted, and I have learned to remain who I am – conservatively – around certain people. What emotional vampires have also taught me is that they come in all shapes, sizes, relationships, and who they are can surprise you.  Sometimes they can’t help it, and sometimes they are smart enough to change but lack the willpower.  Most importantly of all, I have learned when to keep my mouth completely shut and let my actions or accomplishments speak for themselves. This isn’t being fake, it’s self preservation. Not everyone will be happy for you, so the trick is then to let that remain their problem and not let it become yours. One day two things will inevitably happen; 1. They will change and/or 2. They will have it happen to them so they can see what it feels like. The Universe is tricky like that. What you put out you get back.

I won’t fool you by saying that you will become completely immune to spiritual attacks.  What I can promise you from personal experience is that you will become able to not take it personally.  You move from victim to casual observer and make good mental notes to show that person more compassion and tolerance, but not to let them get too close. Sometimes though it does catch up to you like a bad cold and takes you out momentarily.  However, you learn to view it as an opportunity to re-evaluate, and just like a muscle needs to break down to get stronger, you end up strengthening that weak spot however you are led to.  In the meantime, don’t wait for spiritual attacks to happen by being on guard all of the time, that’s a spiritual attack in and of it’s self.  Just place a piece of Black Tourmaline in your bra, and carry the fuck on.

Conscience Evolutionist Blogger doing my part to assist the collective awakening.  While walking to work on a snowy morning.
Conscience Evolutionist Blogger doing my part to assist the collective awakening.

My daily commute (walk) to work this snowy morning 🙂

I hope everyone had a happy holiday season! 2015 has phenomenal things in store for all of us!  #liveyourpositivelife will continue to grow and I hope you will grow with us.

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2 thoughts on “What is a “Spiritual Attack”?

  1. I completely agree. Your high on life floating on cloud 9 and someone throws an anchor on your leg and drags you down into the ground like a plow. I have learned to recognize these people and the more positive I am around them the more angry they get. Says alot about who they are.
    Love reading your blog. Your an inspiration Jenna !!!

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