Things that Make Me Feel Better

Over the past three months, things have been a whirlwind for me.  I have been the good kind of busy, as opposed to the non-productive kind that I have been in the past.  The difference between the two is that you can fill your day with tasks that mean nothing to your future goals and just keep you chasing your tail, or you can fill them with disciplined and focused tasks that are highly productive and are contributing to building the life that you really want.  Now a days, I may be up at 5 am and not really in bed until Midnight, but I am never tired.  It’s crazy how exhausted I used to feel all of the time when I was chasing my tail and partying afterwards just to get a “break” from it all.

I am going to attribute my winter routine for keeping me out of my depressive humdrums this year.  Even when I was feeding horses their breakfast in the dark in sub zero weather, I was in a pretty chipper mood about it.  Not all the time, but better than in recent history.  Without further ado – here is what I am giving a lot of credit to;

For one week straight:

I joined and faithfully participated in The Tapping World Summit to release blocks and old energic things no longer needed. If you are not familiar with the brother/sister team that is Nick and Jessica Ortner, I highly suggest that you get aquainted.  Tapping is back by science, and is being used to help people all over the world.  Nick and Jessica dedicate and gift their time to the survivors of Sandy Hook victims and the first responders of that day, not to meantion to the survivors of genocide in Rwanda. Please at the very least read about what they are doing in the world. It’s inspiring.

The Tapping World Summit was recorded and emailed everyday from February 23 through March 4th,+ 1 bonus day.  I would listen on my phone utilizing my Wifi after Dylan went to bed, and while I walked around doing my chores.  When it came time to tap, I sat down and did the whole exercise really getting into that space.  I was able to release fears of deep down such as fear of success, fear of critism, fear of self.  I tossed old mental blocks, emotional blocks, and financial blocks.  There were definite and palpable shifts in my mindset that remain to this day.  If I want to really push to level where I have never been before, I would continue to tap daily, and in fact I think I shall.  Here is where you can find everything you want to know about The Tapping Solution.  If you subscribe, you get wonderful meditations from time to time, and they are not obnoxious about emails either.  It’s all timely and things of value. Thank God for this program.

The Tapping Summit really put me on a great path, and in conjunction with it I found a few more things that attributed to the betterment of my day;

Every morning:

I would greet and feed the horses. Once they were turned out for the morning in their pastures, I would put my headphones in and put my smartphone into my arm band and listen to Louise Hay’s Morning Meditation while I cleaned my stalls and set my evening hay. It’s lengthy and scrumptiously Divine. Most do this mediation before they get out of bed, but I loved listening and engaging in this meditation while cleaning the barn because that is therapeutic for me. Something about removing “crap” and tidying the space. It goes together for me!

I would then go home, eat a healthy breakfast and take a good vitamin regimen. In the winter I up my Vitamin C, and I also took a baby aspirin daily as at the time was feeding horses 7 days a week and loading hay. Thankfully we have some help now, and it’s worth us spending the money on a delivery fee to have the hay stacked for us!

Once I was on my way to work, I would walk when weather allowed. While walking I would go to the YouTube channel of Pinch Me Living. And while they have a plethora of great audios, the 400+ Affirmations is my absolute favorite. I love this recording because there is nothing for you to do. It actually works better when you just don’t “pay attention” as the messages can skip over your rational mind and go straight to your subconscious. With statements like “I express myself openly from my heart”, “I am unique”, and “every morning I wake up feeling more empowered” you will feel light on your toes. It’s best to listen to this 18 minute audio everyday for 30 days. It’s very well done with the messages overlapping so that your conscious mind doesn’t have time to pick them apart. Bottom line – it works.

All I know is that I went from sleeping as late as possible and rushing around, to getting up bright eyed and bushy tailed daily. And on those days were I feel a tad less than that, I am still able to be more positive than I have been in years, and highly productive. When my “low energy days” yield more productivity than some of my “high energy days” of yesteryear, I can say that I am on the right path.

Check these links out – see if any of them work for you. Then join me back here next week for my usual essay on life.

Conscience Evolutionist Blogger doing my part to assist the collective awakening.
Conscience Evolutionist Blogger doing my part to assist the collective awakening.

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