The Power of Miracles is all yours…

People who spread hate and fear believe in that hate and fear and want others to feel how they are feeling deep within. It is unfortunate that these folks can’t yet understand how simple it actually is to change their life experiences for the better.  In fact, it takes the exact same amount of energy to be happy and joyful as it does to be vindictive and spiteful.  Sometimes, being happy takes even less energy than feeling these negative emotions for an extended period of time.  There are times where thinking happy or envisioning a lovely reality for oneself can feel weird, but it really comes down to one person’s willingness to accept a little motivation to just change their mind.  After that, it definitely takes fortitude to stay the course, but both are humanly possible because they are done a little at a time.  In fact, the only thing that both willingness and fortitude are is humanly possible.  They aren’t something that fish can experience.

In a day in age where it is so easy to throw our hands up and say “I can’t”, and when almost no one would blame us, now is the exact moment when not only we should press on, we must and we can do it in a better way.  I know this for a fact because I have been at the point of apathy, and then I have made the decision right then to hang on to my fortitude, and decided to embrace my willingness to change tactics. A process where we first must evaluate what no longer is working and seek a change that is of better benefit. Was it always easy? Fuck no.  But did I sometimes make it harder than it had to be? Absolutely.

Sometimes I still go back to “that place”, albeit less frequently these days.  I go back to that worst case scenario, that future picture in my mind that brings overwhelm and anxiety. Usually these thoughts creep in when I am not taking care of myself as I should.  When the tiredness breaks down into frustration and impatience with myself for not doing it all and doing it all perfectly…whatever “all” at the time means to me.  This is why restorative time is of the essence for all of us.

When these shadow thoughts of inferiority and anger creep in, I always ask myself “is this what I wish to create?” Because staying in those thoughts long enough will eventually manifest them into your reality.  There is no other evolution of thoughts;  thoughts become words, words turn into action, action turns to habit, and habit eventually becomes character. What you think will become who you are in the end.

You are not what you say, you are in fact what you believe. <— click to tweet!

Once I ask myself in that moment what I wish to create, it is so easy to change my mind, I just think of the direct opposite thought.  I can think of the best case scenario, and I can turn my overwhelm for the future into a mini mental vacation and envision something wonderful that has never happened before. From there I keep making the visions bigger and bigger to the point of unreasonable, because what I know is that what is unreasonable now, can become my norm in 5 years.  Therefore, I make it unreasonable in a good way.  Something that is attainable if I keep reaching for my personal highest and best. This is what learning how to change limiting beliefs and negative thoughts is all about…practice. Maybe with some patience thrown in for good measure. Then one day positive thought is your natural thinking process.  You become lighter, and brighter.  Your work environment has more laughter, your partner’s touch is softer, things become quite lovely.  Some would call this a miracle. And so would I.  Everyone deserves a life like that and it’s all within reach just by changing your thoughts.

I was once overwhelmingly concerned with applying logic to changing myself.  I applied it to growing my soul and to sitting down to unpack what I thought was my nonsense once and for all. I was anal-lytical about it and had calculated prayers to recite and color coded journals and everything.  Come to find out that when it comes to evolving your soul there is no such thing as logic. How do you apply logic to miracles which are defined in part by being spontaneous? We all know that miracles exist, yet we choose to go through our day forgetting all about the possibility that one has happened, or might happen to us.  Worse than that is when we assume that we are unworthy of receiving one. Perhaps we get so entrenched in the feeling of unworthiness, or get so caught in the cycle of distraction that is modern life, that we miss the millions of miracles that are occurring right in front of us this very second. Our breathing. The fact that babies are born every minute of every day. The sun. That we woke up today. The galaxies. Love.

For every inherently bad thing that there is in the world, there is thousands of beautiful things and even more miracles.  For some reason in our society, beauty isn’t sensationalized, and miracles are discounted.  Maybe that is why we miss these things so often.  All we have to do to see them is to change the channel, both literally and figuratively, and look for it. Think a more pure thought.  Change the negative talk radio in your head to a station filled with positive, loving, and uplifting messages.  It honestly isn’t difficult.

The “victim-stance” that our circumstances, behavior, and attitude are outside of our control is what some entities want us to believe. It puts us at their mercy. It hands them our personal power on a silver platter and says “do it all for me”. It makes these entities rich and powerful and all the while self-confirms that we are unworthy of our own thoughts. Unworthy of our own thoughts. It outwardly expresses that we feel unbefitting of the loving experience that our Creator sent us here to have. If avoiding all of this can be done by learning how to change our negative thought patterns, then why would one wait to do it? It’s free and you can start right this second.  There is nothing to lose except what no longer works for you, and you have everything to gain.

It really is quite simple to fall in love with life again. I have been successful at doing it many times in my 36 years. There were times of course where what I felt for life was less than love. However I realize that every time that happened it was because I stayed inside of my negative thoughts for far too long. I got comfortable with the bitterness and the exhaustion and the depression so much so that anything joyful felt not only foreign, but unrealistic. Can you imagine? Allowing yourself to come to a point where joy feels unrealistic? Maybe you are there right now. If you are, then let me remind you that no one was sent into their lifetime to deliberately suffer. There are things that we may face that have us suffer temporarily. Things may happen to us that we have to manage for the rest of our natural lives, but suffering day in and day out in unhappiness and toxicity is a choice. The excellent news is that you have the freedom to chose something different. Whatever you want. The rest of that excellent news is that no one can take the ability to change your mind away from you. There is literally nothing stopping you but you.

You my love, hold all of the power.



10295009_1405251996418428_3609031511331343093_o  Jenna M. Prosceno is a Conscience Evolutionist Blogger, activist, & grassroots supporter living in Wilmington, Delaware with her artist husband and her vibrant son.  She hopes that she is doing her part to assist the collective awakening.


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