How To: Refresh Christianity

Personally, I am a Christian. I’m not a “liberal Christian”, I’m not a “conservative Christian”, I’m not a “born again Christian”, I’m not a “pro-life/pro-choice Christian”, I’m not a “good Christian”, or a “bad Christian”.  I’m not a “southern Baptist Christian”, I’m not a “Christian who follows Catholicism”, I’m not a “evangelical Christian”.  Those are just sub-categorization that us humans like to come up with so others can identify what kind of “clique” we’re rolling with.  It’s something humans do to create separation from others so that we can “protect ourselves” from “them”.  You know…the “others”.  Those who don’t think like we do. Because really, what if we were to speak to them and open ourselves up to their empathic opinions and possibly learn from their take on things? How horrible to have our minds changed. What a tragedy to learn new things, because before you know it…you’re a tolerant, creative, and self-sustaining human being.

The horror!

I may be poking fun at the narrow-minded and judgemental that surround us, but I believe that I broach upon an important lesson in psychology and human behavior. Human beings decompartmentalizing one another is a practice that is done out of fear, and it’s been done since dirt was invented. We do it in our families, in the office, and this then spreads into how we move around and interact with the rest of the human race. This then blinds us to the fact that we are all people, and though we are all different and there are those that exist who we strongly disagree with how they live, we’re still only as strong as our weakest link. Therefore, it behooves us to empower, educate, tolerate, and be compassionate with one another. This is the basis of Christianity, no matter in what sect you follow…the message of Christ is the same; love, compassion, helping one another.

I believe that we are in a time in which we quickly need to progress out of.  It’s time to understand that there is not one soul walking this planet that has not had struggles, or has not had past-lifetimes of struggle.  In our “human-BEING-ness”, we have past transgressions against others that become part of our life lessons. Those lessons can vary from talking badly about someone behind their back, all the way to the taking of someone’s life either by accident, or maliciously. Other people become part of our story no matter what. There is really no way around this…so then why would we not want to do all that we can to co-exist and thrive peacefully? Really what good comes from the struggle in doing the opposite? Let me help you out;

War. Death. Poverty.

And might I add that every civilization that has come before us has had the same patterns that run within our current system of today; greed, sloth, war, death, and poverty of the people as the Kings and Oligarchy siphon off the majority. Now I ask you…what happened to all of those past societies?

What would happen to your thought process if I told you that we have a choice right now to either walk forward together, or battle over the outdated thought process of yesteryear? What if I told you, one way leads us to the “Heaven on Earth” that we were all sent here in this particular lifetime to create, and one pushes us to perish.  Some people wouldn’t think that we have that much control over our existence, while others will get to work examining their hearts. Both kinds of people will be contributing to the outcome.

I believe, as a Christian, that if you want Christianity to move forward, then it has to evolve in synch  with how people are ascending.  We live in a time where people are awakening to the crisis that being asleep at the wheel has created. Enmass people are having things happen to them where they are forced to examine their personal patterns and are coming to the conclusion that there is way more to life than what we have been focusing on for the past few centuries. Not being someone who has ever studied theology, just being a rational human with some semblance of common sense, and a decent 10 year history of learning some real life lessons; the next thing that has to happen in Christianity is that  it becomes inclusive. I can be a Christian if I got pregnant out of wed-lock and am divorced. He can be a Christian if he is gay and gets married to the same sex. She can be a Christian if she is born a male but identifies as a female…and the rest of you who feel differently need to get the fuck over it.

The next thing that needs to change with evangelizing Christianity is the “angry vengeful God.”  I’m totally sick of hearing about this Fire and Brimstone over Gay marriage, but nothing over corporations deliberately keeping people uneducated and in poverty. Or how fracking has pushed this planet to the point of possible no return. Where’s your evangelism for those atrocities and so many more? How are some Christians prolife in the womb, but could careless that 20% of Children in the U.S. are starving?

Everyone should know by now that God loves us all no matter what because He’s told us this so many times. When we go home to Him, we are all going to have different experiences. I have good information from someone who died, crossed over and came back, that we get watch our life story when we cross over. We get to see all of the good that we did, all of the harm that we caused. We get to see what others thought of us, and we even get to feel all of the emotions that we’ve ever made them feel. We get to see what we could have done or what we may have been for all of those times that Free Will played a part.  We get to see all of those times where we “missed the mark” and “sinned”, and we will have to answer for all of that. But as a parent who can never not love her child, I feel that’s how God must feel about us. Even when we’ve fudged up.  You don’t yell at your toddler when he falls off of the tricycle that he’s learning to ride, so why would God get angry at us when He sees us trying.

We’re made in His likeness, and just like how us parents want our kids to get along with their siblings, He expects us to do the same…because we are siblings.  This doesn’t mean that we will all get along all of the time. I’ve shared numerous times on this blog that I chose to never have a relationship with my sister-in-law or allow her in my life. We are allowed to separate from toxicity. We just cannot wish or bring anyone any harm.

Now what of those who really are not of this world…those who have chosen the “dark side”, those who like Lucifer chose to become the “fallen”? We deal with them inside of a system that we have created and continue to evolve as we evolve to hold them separate and apart from us to keep them from doing harm to the collective while they are alive.  When they die, they will meet our Father and will have their experience that is between them and God. If they personally have harmed us, or taken away someone we love dearly, we draw our strength from God and pray to Him to teach us and guide us on what He wants from us in this lifetime.

However, as a Christian, I do have to tell you that I am for the death penalty.  I feel that our broken Criminal Justice system needs much work, and not everyone deserves to die, but there are souls that will chose to be “feral” in this lifetime. Child molesters, and a hardcore child abusers in my humble opinion won’t offer anything into society. Neither will those who are so disturbed to kill in horrific, calculating, and torturous ways. To me, I akin them to a rabid animal. We don’t keep rabid animals in cages for the rest of their lives in hopes that they one day get better. But that’s just me. I pray for them. I have compassion for them. I pray that they learn. But ultimately I pray that they get sent back to God. Maybe I’m wrong and this belief is something that God doesn’t want. But for right now, this is how I deal with evil.

Lastly, I don’t want to give too much time and energy to this group, but…to the hardcore Bible Beaters…you’re driving people away from the Divine Message. All you’ve really done is memorize a holy book that has been translated countless times by men – some of whom purposefully added or deleted text in an attempt to create oppression and control over the populous. If it isn’t loving and comforting, then it isn’t of God.

Examine your heart to find where the fear that you wish to perpetuate is really coming from. Start with your childhood, then do the work. Come out of the closet. Stop any and all hypocritical activity. Stop the judgment. No matter how much you think that you know HIM, you are NOT HIM and you cannot make HIS decisions on how to love HIS own children. If you are reading this, then you are on notice.

I’m just a Christian. I strive, and sometimes fail, at being “Christ-like”, I study Buddhism, I pray, I chant, I have prayer flags, and I meditate. Gone needs to be the days where Christianity is so close to conformity that no one has the room for tolerance of other ways of talking to God. There is no such thing as perfect. There is no such thing as sustainably flawless. There are just many moments that collect overtime and add up to one major element. Alas if you had to put a label on me, then I would have to say that I am a progressive Christian.  As a Progressive Christian, I pray that miracles happen often in your life, and that you use every opportunity to help others, love HIM, and continue on your soul’s path in harmony. If you are lost, I pray that you seek comfort in His words and listen to HIM so that he can help you find your way. I pray this to you no matter if you are a Progressive Christian, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Agnostic, Atheist, etc. You are my brother or sister, and you have your own journey to take, so it makes no difference to me how or if you talk to HIM. I just hope that you do. Safe journey.




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