The Absolute Guide to: Living Your Positive Life

In the spirit of Mercury Retrograde and all of the “RE”s that it can provide, I would like to “re-visit” this post so that it can “refresh” our memories. First posted back in 2012, it is still relevant, and maybe even more necessary now than ever!

All of my best through this wonderful cosmic event!



Live Your Positive Life


We all know that leading a positive life will gain us the health and wealth that we desire and are entitled to by sheer birthright, but how do we start? With being “brain pounded” by the media with all that is negative, dark, and scary, what are some of the very first steps that we can take to change our own lives for the better?  The only thing that it takes is intention and committment.  That’s is it.  Eventually what happens is you don’t even see the negative anymore.  You rock your own path of light, love, and postivity and the next thing you know you’re a univeral magnant for all things great.  You’re happier, people want to be around you more, and you attract love, peace, and prosperity.  It’s almost too easy to do but most people either don’t believe that, or they can’t get out of their…

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