Accepting the apology that you never receive

In the spirit of Mercury Retrograde, and how many things come around for review, I am re-blogging some of my predominant past posts.

Authors Note: When I wrote this post, I was spending a large amount of time attempting to come to terms with the actions against me by a person in my life. If I were to recount the chain of horrible events to a close confidante, they would always agree that it was incredibly unjust and downright horrible what happened, but they would always question why it continued to bother me so much.

I really didn’t have an answer. All I knew is that what had happened had cut me deeper than any other event in my past. What was worse is that this person knew it, and absolutely refused to apologize for it. It was almost like they were proud of the hurt and destruction that they had caused. It was planned and done on purpose, they got caught and confronted. Still, even then, even though their ultimate plan fell through, apologies are never be forthcoming.

When I wrote this, I had come to terms with the fact that I was on my own in dealing with these feelings. I came to understand that this was actually one of my life lessons being served up on a platter. So I got to work researching all that I could on forgiveness. I went back to scripture, ancient texts, I read psychology books and articles, I watched TedTalks and discovered new authors on the subject, and they all said the same thing…you don’t need the other person’s apology; you can give it to yourself. So I did.

I’m not going to say that when I wrote this I was 100% healed, but I had come to enough of an understanding to write about it and wanted to quickly share it with the world because forgiveness is so important to humanity right now. But forgiveness doesn’t mean that you condone what happened. To this day, I don’t like the person who did this to me. I will never like this person. This person is a very conflicted soul with many internal dramas that one day they won’t be able to ignore and what they did to me will eventually happen to them. The law of energy is as real as the law of gravity…you will get what you give. And when it comes back around for this person, hopefully, they will be able to accept the apology that they don’t get as well.

Forgiveness or not, I never want this person in near or around my life ever again. But I have accepted the apology that was never given. If little ‘ol me with the hard head can do it, then this proves that the other person isn’t even necessary in setting yourself free from the hurt.

I pray that anyone reading this finds this of service in their life. I also pray that they set themselves free.

All of my love,


Live Your Positive Life

I have written about forgiveness many times before. What I haven’t spoken of before now is when you never get the apology that you deserve. What I have come to find out is that once you have done the inner work to forgive that person, you really don’t need their apology. However, with that realization came an understanding that someone doesn’t apologize to you, by default you get a different perspective about that person. This then poses something else that you must work through in order lead a happy and well balanced life. Allow me to explain.

It is true that what people say and do to you is more of a reflection of who they are, than it is a reflection of you. So then it become also true that when someone does not apologize for their faulty behavior hoping that you don’t notice, this is then a reflection…

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