Why Spiritual Awareness can suck…at first

Happy Friday Ya’ll!

This is a unprecedented time for me right now, there is magic happening! With this kind of magic, presence, patience, and much awareness is necessary to not only enjoy it, but to see it through. Therefore, I thought reposting on the subject of awareness would be appropriate so *RE-PRISE*!

Much love, peace, and magic to all of you 😉


Live Your Positive Life

So a co-worker messaged me this meme the other day and I have to say that it is the epitome of truth about spirituality;

11774821_10152941287850598_181110730_nYou see, when you start to change your life by changing your thoughts and therefore your actions, you get living examples of the meaning of duality.  Duality is simply explained as the opposition, or the contrast of two concepts.  Spiritual awareness means that you get the understanding that we are all connected, but you also get the understanding that not everyone understands that.  The whole damn thing is paradoxical at best.

Do I strive to one day be as enlightened and live as balanced as the Dalai Lama?  Certainly, but I’m over here having online arguments with strangers about GMO’s and corruption.  I fight establishment over illegal oppression and human rights daily, and then there is the fact that I don’t even want to be around 1/4th of my extended…

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