This is Jenna, signing off

I often wondered what my life would look like when if it came time to leave Live Your Positive Life. I must say, I wasn’t at all prepared for the difference.


I suppose 5 years is decent chunk of time, and if I had not grown at all as an individual I would then accept that something was wrong with me.  This isn’t to say that I don’t have a small amount of residual feelings over things that I’ve discussed on this platform, but truthfully, not enough to continue here. Sometimes, you have to force yourself into your next phase in life whether or not you’re 100% ready. I have found that the discomfort can be used to propel forward.  As such, I’ve changed too much and have to let go of LYPL in order not to sound like a broken record.

In addition to the above, there are things that I wish to discuss that have much to do with living a positive life, such as simple living to break out of the matrix and create a new system, but also about the current state of humanity.  Discussing these topics under the header of LYPL is confusing to those who are just waking up.  This is because the impression remains that living your positive life means that everything is perfect all of the time. And it’s not. In fact, it’s never perfect because our soul can’t evolve in perfection. Yet, we can make our own version of perfection, right here on earth if we’re willing to change.

LYPL has always been about learning how to move through the tough inner stuff so that you can live a life with intention and become a person living positively no matter what is going on around you. My leaving now allows room for a different perspective to emerge. A perspective that can continue the core message of LYPL, but in a newer way.

About 4 years ago an extraordinary reader by the name of Leah reached out to me over a post that I had written.  As it turns out, she lived pretty locally and  a friendship blossomed. During that time, she would write such incredible articulations of the lessons she had learned from a backstory that most don’t come through with such grace.

Needless to say, I witnessed her star-ness emerging.

A few months ago, it was getting too hard for me to even come on here. I felt like I had lead this blog down a path that had so much more ground to cover, but I didn’t feel that I could cover the ground anymore.  I wanted to be over and done with all that I had written here as my life is vastly different now. I’ve done the healing from my past and want to let it go completely.  I thought about shutting LYPL down forever. Taking it offline, deleting it. In fact, I once logged on to do just that. I even downloaded it to a file because hard work is hard work, I didn’t want to lose what I had written, I just didn’t want it “out there” anymore. I am always interested in keeping my work for those who it resonates with, moreover for my children to read later in life.  Finally, I realized that the real reason that I wanted to scrap it all was because I just felt that no one was appreciating the message.  Then I thought about the search terms that were leading people from all over the world here.  Most of those terms were for earlier posts that I had written years ago. Then I realized, it isn’t the blog that is the issue.  It’s me.

The greatest of leaders are those who know when to step aside. They let someone with fresher takes on things have a go at the helm.  They hand pick an artist well suited to care for the foundation in place, but build a completely new structure. Hence Leah.  The same day that I was going to delete my blog, it occurred to me that I should give it to the budding writer who’s work I admire.  I should give to the readers a different writer who can lend a different voice to sing a different tune, but in the same song.  I called her and asked her if she would accept the Live Your Positive Life as her own as there isn’t anyone else I could think of who it should belong to more. She said yes and the world just got lucky.

I have no doubt that Leah will take this little corner of the web and make it her own. She’ll do it bigger and better than I, and I’ll be proud of her no matter what.  Maybe you’ll see me here from time to time, but this is Leah’s ship now. This is her outlet, her space to tell her story so that others who can resonate with her know that they are not alone. Leah will take them through their plateau to that next level, and then send them off to find their own way as all great writers do.  I hope you’ll join her. I hope you’ll tell your friends about her. Mostly, I hope you allow it all to sink in and help you.

As for me, I’m moving to now as I’m ready to have my name behind what it is that I say.  I would be happy to see you there sometimes too. In fact, I’ll be there tomorrow after Leah makes her debut here.

Never the less, it’s now time to introduce Leah to the world for I just know that you’re going to see what I see.

Much love my friends, and I’ll see you when I see you.


This is Jenna, signing off.