Jenna – Contributor

I married a United States Marine when I turned 23. Two weeks after our large military/catholic wedding and subsequent reception at the Zagat rated golf club, he deployed to Iraq.

For 7 out of the 9 months of his deployment we had absolutely no contact.   We did not have the time to explore all of the red flags that presented before our huge wedding, and the illusion of being able to “love anything bad away” was alive and well.  When he returned, PTSD and self sabotage would destroy any chance that we had.

“Things break down so that better things can come together”…

After a divorce at the age of 28, one of the major epiphanies that I had was: this is what happens to those who end up where they didn’t know they didn’t want to be.  Not only did I have healing to do, I had to set out on the journey to find out who I was and where I wanted to go.  There were questions that I had never asked of myself and I found myself in an opportunity where I no longer had a choice…I had to ask them.

Isn’t getting lost and confused bound to happen when you don’t ask questions? Doesn’t one run the inevitable risk of getting lost when they have no destination that they are working towards? How is it possible for anyone to know and love you if you don’t truly know and love yourself? It isn’t. Therefore, I am here to share all that I learned the hard way, which is how to be (lovingly) assertive, how to change your mind, think for yourself, enjoy, manifest, love, and to be your own partner first.

~ All of this is possible for anyone ~

This lifetime is a miraculous journey. We live in duality and we will all experience good and bad.  What we forget is that we hold the keys to change anything at any given moment just by changing our thoughts and allowing our emotions. These are the understandings that you inevitably come to when you gain awareness.

Practice being in charge of your reality, please don’t waste yourself in front of the television being programed to someone else’s marketing agenda for conformity. Don’t be numb to it either, take a good look with fresh eyes. Do the work.  You can’t escape it.  Miracles are everywhere.

Start small, start simple, but just start.







My personal growth library of milestone reads, audios, programs


My Daily Do’s

– These are sent directly into an email folder named “Daily Reading”, and I read them mid morning. I use Louise Hay’s meditation as a moving meditation while I clean my barn and groom my horses first thing in the morning.  It’s all about finding what works for you as an individual.


My Ongoing Library

– I keep a copy of these books in my home to go back to from time to time.  These particular books I do not lend out.  However, I do purchase extra copies from the author’s website or from the publisher and keep them on hand to give as gifts or as a “pick me up” for someone who may enjoy it as well.

Happy Exploring!