2At the age of 23, I had married a United States Marine. Two weeks after our large military/catholic wedding and subsequent reception at the obligatory Zagat rated golf club, he deployed to Iraq. For 7 out of the 9 months of his deployment we had absolutely no contact.   We did not have the time to explore all of the red flags that presented before our huge wedding, and the illusion of being able to “love the bad away” was alive and well.  So was the fact that neither of us knew ourselves very well at the time.

~ “Things break down so that better things can come together”…

….but only when you wake up ~

After the devastation of divorce at the age of 28, one of the major epiphanies that I had was: this is what happens to those who end up where they didn’t know they didn’t want to be.

Isn’t getting lost and confused bound to happen when you don’t ask questions? Doesn’t one run the inevitable risk of getting lost when they have no destination that they are working towards? How is it possible for anyone to know and love you if you don’t truly know and love yourself? It isn’t. Therefore, I am here to share all that I learned the hard way, which is how to be (lovingly) assertive, how to change your mind, speak out, think, enjoy, manifest, love, and to share where I seek guidance.

As it turns out, my decision to become who I am meant to be didn’t make me as uncomfortable as I thought that it would. In fact, it was the opposite.  Becoming my authentic self brought so much success, opportunity, and fun into my life!   I did lose friends, but  I was meant to lose them.  Those people being gone gave room to right people to come in.  It was a fun, happy, light hearted, rewarding, enriching, and a loving change once the drama and deceit were gone.

~ All of this is possible for anyone ~

This lifetime is a miraculous journey. Sometimes we go through good things, and sometimes we go through bad things. What we forget is that we hold the keys to change anything at any given moment just by changing our thoughts. These are the understandings that you inevitably come to when you gain awareness.

Join me here and practice being in charge of your reality, don’t waste yourself in front of the television being programed to someone else’s marketing agenda for conformity. Don’t be numb to it either, take a good look with fresh eyes. Do the work.  You can’t escape it.  Miracles are everywhere. Start small, start simple, but just start. I’m so glad that I did, and I’m even more glad that you are here.



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